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33 Degree Freemasonry - The Egyptian Christian Mystery Tradition

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Manly P Hall on Christianity and Religion. This is a mirror. Original Title "33 Degree Freemason Breaksdown Christianity and Religion." At 37:00 he implies that Reincarnation is evil. This is part of the Gnostic perception of the Universe.

It has been said the God of Freemasonry is Satan. The Devil is Lived backwards, and he's fully red for a reason. The Devil is thought to know all Truth. He overdosed on Red Pills and became the Accuser. He also looks like a black man. Yet he's called the father of Lies. This is because the Gnostic conception of reality views Life as being a LIE. The word LIFE is LIE with an "F" in it, as in you Flunked and need to be created on the 6th day all over again. F is the 6th letter. In the east it's called Maya, the Illusion. Anyone who believes Life is a Matrix as opposed to a real solid world has said that Life is a lie and God is the Devil.

Let's play a game. It's called "The Truth will set you free." Or if you suspect Jesus was Lucifer it's called "The depths of Satan." What do you want to be free from? Do you hate your Religion? Just learn the truth about it. The Truth is that the Father of Lies deceived the whole world. No matter what Religion you choose, it has dark secrets, especially the organized version of it. Do you hate your Nightmare? Then become aware that you're dreaming and wake up, but if you try that in the waking world, what will happen? As the Satanist Edgar Allan Poe said "Life is but a dream within a dream."

In the Gnostic Egyptian Masonic conception of the Universe, there is only the One Soul. Kether, the Primordial point and top of the Kabalistic Tree of Life. In this understanding of the Matrix individual consciousness and souls exist only at a lower level. Aside from Judaism, those who teach Reincarnation do so with the expectation that if you become perfect and learn all lessons you become one with God, and return to the source. That is the concept of Nirvana, a drop in the Ocean.

Secrets about 360 Degree Freemasonry and Above

Deu 30:19 "I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I set
before you life and death, blessings and curses. Choose life that you may live."

Judaism - Endless Reincarnation, longer lifespans, inherit the Earth.

Atheism - Death, non existance
New Age - Death, learn lessons, stop incarnating. Suns
Eastern - Death, learn lessons, stop incarnating. Nirvana.
Christian - Death, eternal afterlife in heaven or hell.
Masonic - Death, learn lessons, stop incarnating. Higher cycle.
Zoroastrian/Christian - Dead remain in graves until final judgment
Islam - Dead remain in graves until final judgment
Satanism - Reincarnation, self destructive, no morals
Egyptian - Mummification, Eternal death, Souls become Stars
Egyptian/Islam - Stars circle center of galaxies, Muslims circle Kaaba
Native American: Death. Spirit world, Souls are stars, land of death go

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